is a system based on the Arduino platform, created for a complete remote control and monitoring of closed indoor growing areas such as growrooms and greenhouses...

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Water level

USND - ultrasound sensor

Ultrasound distance measurements. This sensor is used to measure distance to the surface level of water in water tank or NFT circulatory or Ebb&Flow system. By using this sensor with outlet valve/pump, you can refill one water tank from another one for example. It's also suitable for aquaponics.

Growduino will alert You by email when there is water level too low or too high - You'll never miss the time to refill the reservoir and your plants will be kept safe all the time.

Resolution of 1cm, range 6-200cm.

For most effective measurement place the sensor on the lid of the water container or above the aquaponic tank at such position so that the cylinder emitter/receiver aims perpendicularly to the water surface.

As well as all other sensors, theese are connected to main unit using flat four-wire telephone cable with RJ-11 connectors. Tested cable length is 15m, standard supply is 5m.