is a system based on the Arduino platform, created for a complete remote control and monitoring of closed indoor growing areas such as growrooms and greenhouses...

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pH - Acidity/Alkalinity sensor

Sensor for measuring acidity in liquids.

Based on measured values You will receive email alert when pH is too high or low. Achieving adequate pH values is one of most important things for every grower's technique like soil, hydroponic or even aquaponic - fish tank. With this sensor it is easy to keep desired acidity level, which will prevent weak growth or high fish mortality.

Resolution of 0,01 , range 0-14 pH.

Sensor probe is connected to converter using BNC connector. The converter is not water resistant. 

Sink the sensor 2-4 cm under water surface. When ordered togehter with EC sensor, 3D printed floater will be included for free. If necessary, clean gently by ultrasoft toothbrush.

As well as all other sensors, this one is connected to main unit using flat four-wire telephone cable with RJ-11 connectors. Tested cable length is 3m, standard supply is 3m.