is a system based on the Arduino platform, created for a complete remote control and monitoring of closed indoor growing areas such as growrooms and greenhouses...

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Light sensor


While you can control the lighting by using simple timer, Growduino goes even further. System can switch the lighting based on the available light outside, it's therefore possible to use it for additional lighting early morning or late in the evening, outside of the main harvest season, during shorter sunlight period or just during cloudy days, so plants have always enought light available for the ideal growth. For the most effective lighting we recommend LEDs. It's possible to use other sources of light including lamps or vacuum tubes up to 1200W (relay has passive cooling).


This sensor is used to monitor artificial light, so it's position is under the lamps or LED panels. It measures amount of light and Growduino can send email alert if lights are not in proper function at certain time.

As well as all other sensors, theese are connected to main unit using flat four-wire telephone cable with RJ-11 connectors. Tested cable length is 15m, standard supply is 5m.