is a system based on the Arduino platform, created for a complete remote control and monitoring of closed indoor growing areas such as growrooms and greenhouses...

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Air temperature

Temp 3 - Bulb

Sensor for measuring air temperature at the lighting, it is used as a thermostat for protection.

Based on measured values and configuration this sensor turns lights off or does not even allow them to turn on in case of too high temperature in the box or greenhouse. This can be crucial during summer days, if the greenhouse is not ventilated properly.

Resolution of 0,1°C.

Place the sensor to such distance from the lighting, until it displays temperature of approximately 50-60°C after heating up. If you use lighting that generates substantial amount of heat (such as vacuum tubes MH or HPS, infra, but also very strong LED or CFL), place the plastic box in sufficient distance to prevent any melting. To check if the distance is ideal, hold your hand therefor 5 minutes with no result of burns :-) 

As well as all other sensors, theese are connected to main unit using flat four-wire telephone cable with RJ-11 connectors. Tested cable length is 15m, standard supply is 5m.